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SOLARIS. (Institut fuer Zukunft, PH17 / DE)

C'est avec grand plaisir qu'on accueille SOLARIS. pour la première édition des podcast MODUL. Elle qui a fait trembler les murs de l'Usine en Mars dernier aux côtés d'Umfang, Grise et Clara. Si tu aimes le gabber, les breaks ou de la techno sale, ci-dessous !




For the first edition of the MODUL series, we welcome @solarisifz from Leipzig, who played a thundering gabber- and breakbeat-infused techno set at le Zoo on the 16th of March alongside Umfang. The former head-booker at Leipzig's Institut für Zukunft now runs experimental dance record label @ph17music, which has charted releases from artists such as @privacyprivacy, @annanan and @stanley-schmidt-music.



Presente - Celestial Body
Relaxer - The Enemy Within
Ebola - Witness The Firepower (Endor Free Party Mix)
Terrorrhythmus - Overdose
Von Bikräv - Knuck If You Buck
Integrated Circuits - Yip!
Danilo Incorvia - Cut1: Grim
Frimarkeklubben - Markets Krafter
Sugar - Execution
Overland - Steam Bun Acid
Sentimental Rave - Misery Of The World Can't Stop Us
Air Max '97 - Veneer 
Rian Treanor - Position_B1
Oli XL - Rogue Idiot Pt. 2
Wharfwhit - Under My Breath (ft. Bianca Scout)
Sami Baha - Discreet (ft. Dimzy)